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Who We ARe
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Taylor Garnier

Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., Taylor Garnier always aspired to work in the music business, hoping to one day becoming a Music Producer and Song Writer.

All of his hard work has finally paid off

Taylor Garnier earned his Bachelors Degree in Communications Arts at New York Institute of Technology and minor in Productions, specializing in T.V. and Film. He has worked in numerous studios, both in the Metropolitan area and outside the Metropolitan area.

His experience in understanding studio engineering has earned him favor from numerous reputable Studios who respect his work and are amazed by his musical knowledge in the world of music engineering.

The following are some of the Music Studios Taylor has been affiliated with:
Audio Engineered at Lions Den Studio, in New York
Calliope Studio, in New Jersey
Independent Freelancing Audio, Engineered in the Metro Area

In 2018 he produced his sister Maggie Garnier's Gospel Album called "The Lord Is My Light."  He also created and directed his sister’s  Music Videos and Produced her Singles.

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Joubert Garnier

Joubert Garnier, a John Jay College of Criminal Justice graduate, has been hitting the keys since the age of six. His ability to play the piano amazed many, as he would listen to a song and was able to pick it up quickly.  It was clear to his family that Joubert was graced with an amazing gift from The Almighty God!  For many years, Joubert was quick in relaying that specific message to those who'd always ask him how he was able to pick up songs so quickly.  Without a long explanation,  Joubert would answer, "It's God".


Throughout the years, as Joubert and his siblings were growing up and being inspired by gospel music, he and his siblings were encouraged to start a  group, which they called The Nu Creation Singers. A name that was chosen by their late and eldest sister Judith Garnier.


Even before that, Joubert was playing the piano for his sisters and cousin as they performed together in Church at a very young age.


Going back to the Nu Creation Singers, after many years of performing under the direction of his brother Taylor Garnier, Joubert eventually became the musical director of the group and a one man band,  teaching the singers their vocal parts, and putting the instrumental tracks down for many of the songs they performed. 


Joubert played for all 22 years the group existed. 


He and his brother Taylor decided it was time to continue spreading the message by utilizing the phenomenal voice of their sister, Maggie Garnier.


After years of working together, all of their hard work eventually produced an awesome Gospel Album for their sister Maggie called "The Lord Is My Light," produced by her brother Taylor. Joubert was the musical director.


Joubert was not only in charge of music for the CD, but he also taught all the background singers their vocal parts. 


Many are being blessed today as they listen to this extraordinary CD.


Today, Joubert is the main pianist for the amazing SDA Choir called the Brooklyn Ensemble.

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